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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 10


Easter is a significant event in the life of the Catholic Church as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. This year it is celebrated on Sunday 16 April and marks the end of Holy Week and of the Lenten period.

On Thursday this week the College community celebrated together at our Easter Liturgy where we witnessed a very moving reflection on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Congratulations to the staff and students in our Ministry team for their wonderful efforts in organising such a spiritual and engaging liturgy.


Snorkelling at Mettam's Pool

On Tuesday 28 March, three Year 9 Outdoor Education classes attended a snorkelling excursion at Mettam's Pool. We gathered early in the morning and collected our equipment then left the College at 9.00am. On our journey to the beach, we received the weather forecast and safety instructions, which we busily took down in our Excursion booklets. As the group congregated along the beach, we were informed of our boundaries and began exploring along the shore for the flora and fauna we researched in the lead up to the day.

We slid on our flippers, put on our snorkels and headed excitedly to the water to put to use all the skills we had been learning in our classes this term. While entering the cold ocean, a chorus of screams filled the air. The murky water and sharp rocks made it hard to explore the reef with caution. The powerful current added to the list of hazards but we had a blast getting in the water and having an adventure. Many of our peers even spotted a number of different species of marine life along the reef.

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Year 10 International Food Fair

Congratulations to all of the Year Ten Food Technology students who successfully participated in our International Food Fair this week.

As part of an assessment task, students were asked to choose a country from which they would then produce a dish that represented that country. As you may see from some of the pictures, I think that they did a great job – Well done, Year Tens!


Mrs Rose McAuliffe
Head of Community - St Mary


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