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As you will have heard Servite College participates in an after school sport competition with other schools. This competition is referred to as NAS, which is the Northern Associated Schools competition-part of a state wide series of competitions. You will regularly read about the venues and the fixtures in the" I Servi" Newsletter. We play NAS in Terms One and Two-however on occasions the finals will extend into the following term, dependent on the school calendar. We are also participating in a 'Metropolitan Cup' competition in the senior years. The Metro Cup as it is known is played in Term Three.

For parents new to the school you should be aware that Year 7 play Monday, Years 8/9 play Tuesday and 10-12 play on Wednesday. In the initial weeks of school-we encourage students to speak to teachers and coaches to place their names on a sporting teams list-we have an assembly for this purpose. We also have training sessions in weeks 2 and 3 to pick the teams for that terms sports-these sports commence playing in Week 4. These training sessions are on the same day-i.e., Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In some instances-coaches also organize other mutually convenient times to train-they will let your child know when this occurs.

Your son/daughter, when playing will need to be picked up from 5.15-5.45pm, depending on the opposition and the venues. If the games is played away-in poor weather- this can sometimes be as late as 6.15pm. Your coach will let the students know-in advance -of the venues and fixtures-so you can plan ahead. You will also be informed in the weekly newsletter of these arrangements.

Please note that all equipment is supplied and your son/daughter will be under supervision of teachers and qualified staff at all times. This includes whilst travelling to venues.




Tony Walker
NAS Coordinator