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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 4


Examinations are an important part of the learning process for our students. The examination period for our Year 11 and 12 students is scheduled to commence on Monday 29 May, whilst Year 10 students will sit their exams from 19 June.

Exams can be a somewhat stressful time for students but they also provide an excellent opportunity for students to display their learning. They can also be utilised as a genuinely effective tool for future learning. Exams are based on the core syllabus of each course and help hone student skills and knowledge for consistent improvement in assessments of this type.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) provides some very good advice to students and their families on how to effectively prepare for their exams. They offer 5 key tips:

Tip 1 - Read Actively

  • Highlight, underline or circle words
  • Develop a comprehensive set of study notes
  • Draw maps and charts of ideas and systems
  • Review and summarise your notes
  • Check your understanding

Tip 2 - Support and Be Supported

  • Study with a friend or three
  • Test each other on key ideas and 
  • Share your ideas
  • Help each other out

Tip 3 - Know What You Know, Learn What You Don't

  • Make a list of what you know and what you don't
  • Anything that falls into a 'middle ground' belongs on the 'don't know side'
  • Move ideas and concepts across to the 'know side' as you learn them
  • Celebrate each move to the 'know side'
  • Do this for each course

Tip 4 - Resources

  • You don't know what is in the exam
  • You do know what is in the syllabus
  • Work out study questions based on the syllabus

Tip 5 - Practice

  • Memorising essays won't help you in an exam. Knowing how to write answers with limited me will. So practice se as much as you can
  • Use practice answers as part of your study routine


It is also important to maintain one's wellness and balance during, and in the lead up to, the exam period. Students need to ensure that they take regular short breaks during study periods. They should also take time to complete some exercise and ensure that they eat a balanced diet. Getting sufficient sleep is very important during exam preparation periods, as is taking an appropriate amount of time to pause, relax and have some fun.

As always, our teachers are readily available to provide support to our students during their exam period. We strongly encourage students to seek out teacher help whenever it is needed. We wish all of our students the very best for their upcoming exams.


Servite P&F Event - 7.00pm Wednesday 31 May

We are looking forward to the upcoming P&F event scheduled for Wednesday 31 May when digital safety expert Mr Paul Litherland will explore how we provide young people with the freedom to interact online, while building digital citizenship skills to ensure their experiences are safe, responsible and positive.

This important free event will be held in the College auditorium from 7.00-8.30pm. All are encouraged to attend.

Click here to register.


Best wishes and every blessing

Mr Jeff Allen