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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 7

The Servite Story

This week we were proud to host a Catholic School Principals Association (CSPA) meeting which involved welcoming more than thirty Principals from across the state. In commencing the meeting I had the opportunity to lead fellow Principals through our Servite prayer, to reflect on our Servite story and the impact that the Seven Holy Founders have had on many communities across the world. I have included part of the event reflection below (as extracted from the Servants of Mary website):

Before the Servites existed as an official religious Order, seven prosperous men came together in the city of Florence, Italy. As a reflection of the penitential spirit of the times, it had been the custom of these men to meet regularly as members of a religious society established in honor of Mary, the Mother of God. Eventually, the seven left their comfortable homes, put aside their finery and went to live together in a ramshackle building outside the city walls. The holiness and penitential lifestyle of the seven quickly attracted attention and people seeking prayers and spiritual direction became frequent visitors. To avoid these distractions that they considered a hindrance to the contemplative life they sought, the entire group moved to more peaceful surroundings, and established a hermitage on the summit of a nearby mountain, Monte Senario, sometimes known as the "sounding mountain."

Coming to be known as the "Friar Servants of Mary," others joined the first seven on Monte Senario, and as the group continued to grow, the seeds of the new religious Order took root. The Friar Servants of Mary were approved as a religious Order by the Bishop of Florence sometime between the years 1240 and 1247. In the year 1304, the Order of Friar Servants of Mary received definitive approval as a religious Order in the Church by the Holy See.

Today, Servites are found serving in North and South America, in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. From a humble beginning the Servites have been blessed with a long and rich history. They still, like the Seven Founders, "go where the needs of God's people demand that they go" and "still seek the perfection of the Gospel way of life under the protection of Mary, the Mother and Servant of the Lord".

We are most fortunate to have our Servite Friars and Sisters directly involved in our school. Their presence is a constant reminder to everyone of our wonderful tradition and story. Our Servites have gifted us the charisms of Marian, Community and Service. We bring these to life through our College Values:

  • In being Marian, we value Mary's courage and compassion
  • In being Community, we value hospitality and respect for all
  • In being of Service, we value justice and mercy

We are very proud of our thriving community and acknowledge the impact that many generous Servites have made to ensure the continuation of our story.


Best wishes and every blessing

Jeff Allen