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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 8

Servite on Show

Servite has had the opportunity in recent weeks to showcase the many wonderful developments occurring at our school. We recently welcomed representatives from the UAE Ministry of Education into our school, on behalf of Catholic Education Western Australia, to outline how we are integrating technology into our classrooms and accessing the developing suite of products associated with CEWA's Leading Lights initiative. Our visitors were impressed with our initiatives and excited to hear our story.

Picture01On Friday last week we were privileged to welcome thirty-three Principals from across Catholic Education to Servite for a Principal's Association meeting. The Principals were very warmly received by our Year 10 Student Councillors who represented themselves and their school with great pride. The Principals spoke of our students in glowing terms and were made to feel most welcome upon their arrival. We speak a lot about Servite Hospitality as being a core value at our school and we were very pleased to see this in great evidence last week. Congratulations to all of our Year 10 Student Councilors for their wonderful efforts.

Last week Mr Trevor Galbraith, our Director of Innovation and Research, represented the College and CEWA at the prestigious EDUTECH conference which was held in Sydney. Mr Galbraith was invited to present to conference attendees on the use of virtual reality and 3D technologies in education. Mr Galbraith is integrating this emerging technology into our classrooms as part of our Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) curriculum. Mr Galbraith's presentation was very well received and created a lot of discussion and excitement around this terrific initiative. As mentioned recently in iServi, the College was the only senior Catholic school recipient in Western Australia of a Digital Literacy School Grant which is an initiative under the "Inspiring all Australians in Digital Literacy and STEM measure of the National Innovation and Science Agenda". We look forward to increasing the integration of important digital literacy skills across our curriculum. We are very conscious of the importance of developing relevant technology-based skills to ensure the success of our students as they transition into the wider world.

In another exciting opportunity to showcase our College, I was invited to present at the LEADing a Digital School seminar at CEWA on the digital transformation process currently occurring at Servite. Attended by Catholic School Principals and ICT leaders, I was able to outline the very exciting technology related initiatives happening at our school. The key message surrounded the importance of the use of technology as a catalyst for learning. ICT can never be considered a replacement for learning but rather a tool to allow deeper and richer learning opportunities for our students. Technology helps us to extend student learning and to transform the opportunities we provide our students. It promotes the development of important modern skill sets in our students and supports our philosophy of learning happening anywhere, anytime.

The successful integration of technology into the educational environment allows our teachers to educate in more flexible and contemporary ways, while taking advantage of exciting pathways for tailored personal learning. Transforming learning at the College is based on creating new learning paradigms in a blended digital environment. Rather than a 'one size fits all' industrial model, the development of a technology rich virtual classroom to complement the physical and pedagogical spaces will ensure that students are able to learn at their own pace in and outside of the classroom with strong data analytics to guide lesson targets, differentiated curriculum design and assessment for learning.

We are very excited at the many wonderful initiatives being developed at our school to enhance student learning and engagement and enjoy proudly promoting these amongst our wider community.

Best wishes and every blessing

Mr Jeff Allen