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Mission Statement:

The Servite College Council membership are persons who live by the Servite spirit. They are compassionate servants who are aware and operative in creating a caring community. They model their growth in life and faith upon Mary and the Servite charism of service. They promote at all times the Catholic ethos as expressed in the Mandate Letter of the Bishops of Western Australia and the directives of the Catholic Education Office of W.A.


The Principal Object is to assist the Order of Servants of Mary (Servite Friars) in carrying out its Mission as part of the Mission of the Catholic Church within the context of Servite College.

The Council shall carry out other objectives:

  1. to promote within a Christian environment the achievement of excellence in education;
  2. to ensure the provision of an environment in which employees can carry out their duties according to the spirit, values and philosophy of the Order;
  3. to ensure the provision of pastoral care and support for students, their families and staff;
  4. to provide for the sound financial management of the college assets, both those that belong to the Order and those of the Council.
  5. to oversee the Public Relations of the College with the wider community.
  6. to set goals and objectives and to devise strategies for the proper development of the college
Powers of the Council

The Powers of the Council are to be carried out in accordance with the Principal Object,

  1. purchase lease or otherwise acquire and hold real or personal property for the purposes of the Council;
  2. sell, exchange, lease, mortgage, hire, dispose of, or turn to account or otherwise deal with such real or personal property;
  3. invest and deal with funds of the Council upon such securities and in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the Council;
  4. borrow or raise money on such terms and conditions as the Council thinks fit and give security for the discharge of liabilities incurred by the Council as the Council thinks fit;
  5. appoint agents to transact any business of the Council on its behalf;
  6. found and maintain scholarships and bursaries and provide such other assistance for pupils of the College as the Council may deem fit;
  7. set up and maintain foundations or funds to the receipt of moneys from the public or in connection with the activities of the College.
  8. perform all such acts and enter any contracts that may be considered necessary or desirable for the objects of the Council
  9. use such other powers as are conferred by the Associations. Incorporation Act 1987 as amended from time to time.
  10. establish standing and/or ad hoc committees of members or non members as it deems necessary
  11. The council has an advisory role to the principal in the review of college policies. The principal alone however authorises policies.

The Council from time to time shall consist of no more than ten (10) persons nor less than eight (8) and members shall be made up as follows: up to seven members appointed by the Provincial Delegate of the Servite Friars .

  • the President is a Servite Friar appointed by the Prior Provincial.
  • one member nominated to the Provincial Delegate by the Servite College Parents and Friends Association for three years; and
  • the Principal.

These appointments are for a period of 3 years. If members decide they are unable to fulfil the three year period for whatever reason are free to resign from the position.

The Bursar in the discretion of the Council may attend meetings of the Council and its committees and speak on any item of business before the Council or any sub committee thereof, but only on its financial aspects. The Bursar has no voting rights at Council meetings when the Council is passing resolutions or motions.


The Council may make resolutions to:

  1. open and maintain banking accounts to be operated by such person or persons as the Council shall determine from time to time.
  2. appoint officers to assist the Council in administering its affairs;
  3. fix the scale of fees payable on behalf of students of the College;
  4. do all such things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Council.



Members of the council shall always be careful to maintain due confidentiality regarding matters raised in the meetings of the council. They are not authorised to give either formal or informal information or to discuss outside the council the outcome of any recommendation.

    • Members are required to support resolutions passed by council and should not express contrary views outside council meetings.
    • All written communications from the council shall be made with the knowledge and approval of the council and shall be effected through the Secretary of the council.

Meetings are held on Monday evenings each month beginning at 6pm and finishing at the latest by 8.30pm. A light meal is provided during the meeting.

The dates for the meetings in 2013:

Monday 25 February 1
Monday 25 March 1
Monday 15 April 1
Monday 27 May 2
Monday 24 June 2
Monday 29 July 3
Monday 2 September 3
Monday 23 September 3
Monday 28 October 4
Monday 25 November 4



Servite College operates within the auspices of the Order of Friars Servants of Mary (Servite Friars ).We are therefore part of the Servite Family and so the lines and areas of responsibility are directly connected to the leadership within the Servite Order.

The Head of the Servite Order throughout the world is the Prior General who resides Rome. Australia is part of the USA Province. The Province leader (Provincial) resides in Chicago. Leadership in Australia is through the Provincial Delegate who currently resides in Perth.



The College Council is therefore responsible to the Provincial Delegate, and through him to the Order's governing body.

Servite College as a Catholic School also has accountability, through the Catholic Education Office to the Archbishop of Perth. An Agreement signed by the Provincial Delegate is in place between the Servite Order and the Catholic Education Office regarding the various areas of accountability.

College Council

Members of the College Council are appointed by the Provincial Delegate. Initially this appointment is for three years and may be extended for a second term of three years.

The 2013 College Council members are:

Jeff Allen Principal
Fra Peter Porteous OSM President of the College
Mrs Gretchen Calder Chair of the Council and a parent
M/s Tina Buri Former student
Mr Simon Durack Parent
Mr Anthony Grassi Parent
Mrs Jennifer Ring Parent
Mr James Somers Parent
Sr Joan Smith RSM Sister of Mercy
Mr Vince di Filippo Parent and SDC representative
Mr Shane Bogunovich College Business manager is an ex-officio member of the College Council and does not have voting rights.
Mrs Andie Gurr The College Executive Officer is also present at Council meetings to record minutes and has no voting rights.


Council Constitution

Parents may view the Servite College Council Constitution on request. Please contact the principal.